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Summer Enrichment 2023

I am excited to announce another partnership with Nena Johnson, owner of Circle Speech Therapy, and a local special education teacher (to be revealed soon!) to provide reading, literacy, and math enrichment for students who are GRADUATING from 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade this year. Our focus will be to increase reading skills through phonics, increase reading comprehension through literacy strategies, and to increase number sense and fact fluency in mathematics.

This is an evolving class at the moment, so please check back frequently for more information. Sign up is open, however, and class size is limited to 15 students per class. Student-teacher ratio will not exceed 3 students per teacher, but we have speech-language pathology and education students from UMD that are prepared to join us as well! Classes will take place at Melody Poggio Tutoring, 5108 Beaver Creek Road, Hermantown, MN.

What will a class look like?

Great question! We believe in integrating movement breaks with learning time. Each class will consist of three rotations of 45 minutes of instructor time followed by 15 minute movement breaks with games to enhance what was just taught to help keep our focus and make this experience fun!

There are two steps
1) Fill out THIS FORM. One form must be filled out for each of your students.
2) An invoice will be sent to you within 3 business days. Once that is paid, your student is enrolled!


In an effort to make this as affordable to parents and guardians as possible, we are offering this class for $200/session (that's $100/week!)! The response to initial inquiries about this on Facebook was overwhelming, so please don't wait to sign up. We will be filling up quickly!

How do I sign up?

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